Kiel Höfe at Fleethörn Kiel

DFZ receives 2nd prize in competition for open space planning ideas involving seven participants. For more than 100 years, the Kieler Nachrichten publishing house has been located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. Following the integration of co-working spaces in the rear area of ​​the administrative headquarters, a second stage of development sees the creation of a mixed-use building complex, which opens the area to the public and creates an invigorating pulse in the city centre. DFZ’s design sees the renewed completion of the previously existing historical block perimeter development, thereby creating clear city-facing facades and improving the surroundings of the adjoining squares and street spaces. The previously existing courtyard structure is further developed and reinterpreted in the new “Kiel Höfe” building. Through the deliberate offsetting of the two structures, inviting spaces and forecourts are created, holistically connecting providers and users. In addition, by incorporating the heights, alignments and proportions of the existing surrounding structures, the new building is integrated into the urban environment. The volume opens up generously to the adjacent public spaces. Three new, differently proportioned openings on the edge of the block open the building structure onto the surrounding squares, allowing full access to the area for the public at all times. Different public uses, including co-working offices, a market hall, catering and exhibition areas give life to the squares, thus contributing to the mixed use and revitalization of Kiel’s city centre. The development functions as a platform to attract new users and visitors, and in doing breathe new life into and reactivate the area. The height of the structure ensures that the desired attention and interest in the area is achieved.

Competition: 2nd prize
Date: 2019
Use: Administration, Culture, Gastronomy, Trade
Initiator: Kieler Nachrichten