Living at Kurt-Schumacher-Ring Wolfsburg-Detmerode

3rd prize in the non-open two-phase realization competition with 25 participants. Situated in Wolfsburg Detmerode, the competition area is characterized by a development of widely spaced buildings from the 1960’s, accentuated by a number of high-rise buildings. The task of developing a replacement building for Paul Baumgarten’s “Stufenhochhaus” (a setback highrise building) will be approached in two stages. The first phase will deal with the issue of the surrounding open spaces within the urban context. The design principles of the existing high-rise building, its stringent and clear style, floor plan typologies and colour selection are included in the design concept and integrated in a contemporary manner. The development of a distinctive construction height assures the building’s desired long-distance visibility and newly defines the entrance to the Detmerode district. The building consists of three elements: the north-south wing, the east-west wing and the 60 metre “Punkthochhaus” whose soaring dimensions, reminiscent of a church steeple in a market square, distinguish it from the existing high-rise buildings surrounding it. The simple and clear construction achieves the required floor space in an economical manner, at the same time creating clearly defined exterior spaces with varying qualities. The appearance of the building is characterized by two different types of facade: The west and north oriented side, exposed to noise, with its perforated facade and integrated loggias and the open south and east facade, lined with large balconies overlooking a green area. The design is supported by G2 Landschaft.

Competition: 3rd prize
Date: 2016
Use: Residential
Initiator: NEULAND Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH