2020 Am Weißenberge Hamburg, in planning since 2016
Bauhaus Store Düsseldorf, in planning since 2019
 Bieberhaus Hamburg, in planning since 2016
Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, in planning since 2018
Center for Studies and Doctoral Training, Hamburg, in planning since 2015
DESY Hamburg Innovation Centre, in planning since 2014
Forum Free Theater Düsseldorf, in planning since 2018
Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz, in planning since 2016
Hafentor 7 Hamburg, in planning since 2010
Hamburger Speicherstadt – Warehouse Block V, in planning since 2019
Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Hamburg, in planning since 2014
Jenfelder Au, Hamburg, in planning since 2018
Living in Mohnhof Hamburg-Bergedorf, in planning since 2014
Main Building of the University of Hamburg, Completion in phases since 2002
Mitte Altona Block 02, Hamburg, in planning since 2015
Mitte Altona Block Ib. 03 Baufeld 1, Hamburg, in planning since 2015
New build Alte Bäckerei, Hamburg, in planning since 2016
Pergolenviertel, Hamburg, in planning since 2016
Residential development Sierichstraße, in planning since 2019
School Centre Goldbach Langwedel, in planning since 2015
2019 Berufschulzentrum Dratelnstraße, Hamburg, Completion 2019
Halbinsel Kesselstraße Düsseldorf, Competition 2019
Kiel Höfe, Kiel, Competition 2019
Lindenhof Ahrensburg Hamburg, Completion 2019
Sports Hall, Reuchlin Grammar School, Ingolstadt, Completion 2019
Teaching and Learning Center Wiesbaden, Competition 2019
The Fizz Masters Holstenwall, Hamburg, Competition 2019
2018 Das neue Boodenbrookhaus. Lübeck, Competition 2018
Detached House Blankenese, Hamburg, Completion 2018
Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Competition 2018
Jahn Museum, Unstrut, Competition 2018
Jenfelder Au, Hamburg, Competition 2018
Opera Storage Hamburg State Opera, Completion 2018
 2017 BAUHAUS Store Mannheim, Competition 2017
Grundschule Anna-Susanna-Stieg, Hamburg, Completion 2017
Hermes Innovation Center Hamburg, Competition 2017
Historic Riding School Eutin, Competition 2017
House of World Cultures Berlin, Completion 2017
Ida-Ehre-Schule, Hamburg, Completion 2017
Neubau Wilhelma Elefantenwelt Stuttgart, Competition 2017
Teaching and Laboratory Building HTW Dresden, Competition 2017
Townhouses Finkenau Hamburg, Completion 2017
Wolfgang Borchert School Berlin, Competition 2017
2016 Am Weißenberge, Hamburg, Competition 2016
Dock 71 HafenCity Hamburg, Completion 2016
Elbchaussee 81, Hamburg, Completion 2016
Elbkinder Grundschule, Hamburg, Planning 2016
Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz, Competition 2016
Living at Kurt-Schumacher-Ring Wolfsburg-Detmerode, Competition 2016
OxPark Residential Project Hamburg, Completion 2016
Priwall Waterfront Travemünde Lübeck, Competition 2016
 2015 BAUHAUS Store, Hamburg, Completion 2015
Community Center, Hamburg, Competition 2015
Goethe School Harburg Hamburg, Competition 2015
Mitte Altona Block 02, Hamburg, Workshop 2015
Multi-purpose School Hall Blankenese District School Hamburg, Completion 2015
Residential Area and School Kirchwerder Hamburg, Competition 2015
Residential Development Ifflandstraße Hamburg, Completion 2015
Residential Development Martinistraße Hamburg, Completion 2015
2014 Detached House Nienstedten Hamburg, Completion 2014
House of World Cultures Berlin, Competition 2014
IKEA Altona Hamburg, Completion 2014
Lindenhof Ahrensburg Hamburg, Competition 2014
Living in Mohnhof Hamburg-Bergedorf, Competition 2014
  Opera Storage Hamburg State Opera, Competition 2014
Quartier 21 – House 50 Hamburg, Completion 2014
Residential Area Gaußstraße Hamburg, Completion 2014
Rumond Walther House Hamburg, Completion 2014
School Centre Goldbach Langwedel, Competition 2014
Tower 1 – Office Tower Frankfurt, Competition 2014
 Villa Therese im Heinepark Hamburg, Completion 2014
2013 ABB Learning Factory Zürich, planning 2012
Bethanien Residential Area Hamburg, Competition 2013
Ciudad Creativa Digital Guadalajara, Competition 2013
Conversion of former Kolbenschmidt Factory Grounds, Competition 2013
Family Home on Goldbekkanal Hamburg, Competition 2013
Hesterberg Theatre and Cultural Centre Schleswig, Feasibility study 2013
Neustädtische Kirchstraße 4-5, Berlin, Competition 2013
Priwall Waterfront Travemünde Lübeck, Competition 2013
Renewal of Westend Residential Estate Berlin, Competition 2013
2012 ABB Renovation of Building 701 Baden Switzerland, Completion 2012
Detached House Othmarschen Hamburg, Completion 2012
Drägerwerk New build House 71 Lübeck, Competition 2012
Extension Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China Hamburg, planning 2012
Green Belt House HafenCity Hamburg, Competition 2012
Hans Christian Andersen School Kiel, Competition 2012
Houseboat Eilbekkanal Hamburg, Completion 2012
  Jungheinrich AG Distribution Centre Komenda Slovenia, planning 2012
Jungheinrich AG Distribution Centre Neufahrn, planning 2012
  Jungheinrich AG Distribution Centre Sachsenheim, planning 2012
  Lurup District School Hamburg, Feasibility study 2012
Museum for Hamburg History in Hamburg, Completion 2012
Museum of Concrete Art and Design Ingolstadt, Competition 2012
Quartier 21 – House 26 Hamburg, Completion 2012
Residential Development Bonn – Bad Godesberg, Competition 2012
Villa Therese in Heinepark Hamburg, planning 2012
Vocational Schools Wolfsburg, Competition 2012
2011 ABB Learning Factory Zürich, Competition 2011
Arts and Media Campus Finkenau Hamburg, Competition 2011
BAUHAUS Store Bremen, Completion 2011
Bremer Landesbank, Competition 2011
Bugenhagen School Blankenese Hamburg, Completion 2011
Greencity Hohenfelde Hamburg, Competition 2011
IKEA Altona Hamburg, Competition 2011
Jungheinrich AG Distribution Centres, Competition 2011
Multi-purpose School Hall Blankenese District School Hamburg, Feasibility study 2011
Ohnsorg Theatre Hamburg, Completion 2011
Prison Fuhlsbüttel Hamburg, Feasibility study 2011
Rainvilleterrassen Residential Complex Hamburg, Competition 2011
Shopping Centre Altwarmbüchen Hannover, Competition 2011
Sportlife Hotel at Aqua-Fit Hamburg, Competition 2011
2010 Administration Building University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Competition 2010
Areal West Hamburg, Competition 2010
BMW Branch Hamburg-City Süd, Completion 2010
BMW Branch Hamburg-Wandsbek, Completion 2010
Cooperative Housing Lämmersieht Hamburg, Competition 2010
Extension Grammar School Othmarschen Hamburg, Completion 2010
German Sport University Cologne, Competition 2010
House Blankeneser Hauptstraße, Hamburg, Completion 2010
Main Building HTW Dresden, Completion 2010
Rumond Walther House Hamburg, Competition 2010
Semi-detached Houses Wellingsbüttel Hamburg, Completion 2010
Townhouses Blankenese Hamburg, Completion 2010
2009 BAUHAUS Store Bremen, Competition 2009
Cultural and Educational Centre Bad Oldesloe, Competition 2009
Houseboat Hamburg, Competition 2009
Houseboat II Hamburg, Competition 2009
Main Building Mittweida College, Completion 2009
Multi-purpose Recreational Hall Goethe Grammar School Lurup Hamburg, Completion 2009
Museum Luthersterbehaus Eisleben, Competition 2009
Museum Neuruppin, Competition 2009
Playhouse Wandsbek Hamburg, Competition 2009
Prototype Museum Hamburg, Completion 2009
Residential and Commercial Building Gertigstraße Hamburg, Competition 2009
2008 Christians-Quater Hamburg, Competition 2008
DESY Experimentation Hall Petra III Hamburg, Completion 2008
Harburg Schlossinsel Construction Site 3b, Competition 2008
Kopernikus Secondary School Berlin, Competition 2008
Residential Area Gaußstraße Hamburg, Competition 2008
2007 Extension Art Hall Bremen, Competition 2007
Fashion Centre Osthafen, Competition 2007
Montblanc Showroom Hamburg, Feasibility study 2007
Montblanc Store New York City, feasibility study 2007
Office Building at Alstertor Hamburg, Completion 2007
Prototyp Hamburg – Roof Extension, planning 2005-2007
Tower Room City Hall Hamburg, Completion 2007
2006 Am Kaiserkai – Construction Site 12 HafenCity Hamburg, Competition 2006
Culture and Congress Centre Regensburg, Competition 2006
DIY and Garden Centre Hamburg, Completion 2006
Federal Ministry of the Interior Berlin, Competition 2006
Hansa-Gymnasium Bergedorf Hamburg, Completion 2006
Municipal Hall Stadtpark Hamburg, Competition 2006
Q2 – Coffee Warehouse Überseequartier Hamburg, Competition 2006
Street Furniture Hamburg, Wettbewerb 2006
Veterinary Clinic Hamburg, Completion 2006
2005 Apartment Building Rothestraße Hamburg, Completion 2005
Haerder-Centre Lübeck, Competition 2005
Harburger Schlossinsel Hamburg, Competition 2005
Living and Working in Ottensen Hamburg, Competition 2005
Media & Events Centre Neubrandenburg, Competition 2005
Office Space Philips Semiconductors Hamburg, Completion 2005
Porsche Museum Stuttgart, Competition 2005
2004 Cantine Extension Philips Semiconductors Hamburg, Completion 2004
Office Space Philips Semiconductors Hamburg, Completion 2004
Residential and Cultural Landscape Halstenbek, in planning since 2004
Theatre Goetheplatz Bremen, Completion 2004
2003 Children’s Daycare Centre Koboldwiesen Hamburg, Completion 2003
Meilenwerk Forum for Driving Culture Berlin, Completion 2003
Office Building at Hafentor Hamburg, Competition 2003
Residential and Office Building Goßlers Park Hamburg, Completion 2003
2002 Town Villa Klopstockstraße Hamburg, Completion 2002
2001 HEW-Osterbekkanal, Hamburg, Realisierung 2001
Maihak Premises Hamburg, Completion 2001
2000 Apartment Building Blankenese Hamburg, Completion 2000
Police Station Wandsbek Hamburg, Completion 2000
<2000 HEW Building 1-3, Hamburg, Completion 1998
Curio Haus, Hamburg, Completion 1998
Villa Hasenheide, Berlin, Completion 1991
Agency Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Completion 1991
Restaurant Eisenstein, Hamburg, Completion 1989