Teilgebiet Königswiesen Hamburg

The Königswiesen planning area is located on the southern edge of the new Neugraben-Fischbek residential quarter, flanked by green zones and railroad lines. While the surrounding area is largely characterized by small-scale buildings, larger, more prominent structures dominate the south-eastern extension. The typologies developed by DFZ complement and define the heterogeneous structural environment. The individual buildings are subject to a repetitive principle, determined by the staggering and arrangement of the components. This creates a flexible building structure that strongly references the neighboring landscape. Along the railway, the southern construction site is designed to respond accordingly to noise pollution from trains. In addition to multi-storey apartments, a large number of townhouses are planned here, which, with their three storeys, lie within the noise shadow and at the same time shield the northern residential blocks. In addition, small inner courtyards provide noise-protected areas for lounges and bedrooms. The approach of creating open spaces through constant interruptions is in response to typological and functional requirements. In this way, space is created for public squares and private courtyards, as well as for the trees that characterize the neighbourhood. The joint use concept also includes a proportion of publicly subsidized apartments. The use of sustainable materials, compact construction methods, the utilization of unused energy such as heat recovery, harvesting of greywater and rainwater, as well as the use of renewable energy sources help to create a sustainable and climate-friendly quarter.

Size: 4,7 ha
Service: Urban design and functional planning
Date: in planning since 2023
Use: Urban development
Client: IBA Hamburg GmbH

Competition: 1st prize