Wilhelmsburg District Sports Centre, Hamburg

3rd prize in urban-planning competition with eight participants. As part of the IBA urban development project (Internationale Bauausstellung  / International Building Exhibition), a new sports centre is being built in the north of the Wilhelmsburger Rathaus district. As home to the Hamburg Towers District Sports Club, the building creates an important attraction in the new area, providing a meeting place for new and existing residents. In addition to the sports centre, offices, co-working spaces, restaurants and a hotel are planned for the new 14,000m2 area, the aim of which is to connect he industrial and commercial areas in the north with the residential area in the south, as well as with the sports centre. In order to meet these requirements, a coherent series of differentiated building blocks has been added to the heterogeneous environment. Whilst appearing as an overall ensemble, each building has its own identity, clearly showing its use. The transparent structure of the sports centre is characterized by its dark-anthracite colour (in keeping with the club’s colours) and the open loggias on the two front sides to the south and north. The generous greenery makes reference to the lawn sports area opposite, and continues this conceptually as a vertical facade on the building up to the green roof area. Two integrated long stairs create the connection to the roof area, on which further sporting activities are planned. The co-working areas form a second building component. As with the sports club, the appearance is characterized by wood, with lighter graded colours. An open and highly flexible internal structure is planned for this building, which is oriented around an open courtyard. The walk-in roof and the upstream loggias offer a variety of options for staying and socializing. The hotel or ‘sports hostel’ in the south-eastern part of the planning area is characterized by a sculptured perforated facade made of clinker bricks and thus creates a contrast to the two previous structures. The two office buildings appear in an analogous manner, their individuality being characterized by their specific roof shapes.

Competition: 3rd prize
Date: 2020
Use: urbanism, sport
Initiator: Home United GmbH