Opera Storage Hamburg State Opera

1st prize in limited competition with seven participants for the new construction of opera workshops and storage rooms for the Hamburg State Opera. The clear, confident architectural language of the building is characterized by a minimalist choice of colour, form and structure. The creation of unique and striking design elements generates plasticity and shadows. The basic design concept involves the creation of a homogeneous urban unit. At the same time subtle distinctions in colour and structure give each of the various workshops and storage spaces its own architectural identity. The compact and dense design allows for optimal use of space. Refinements in proportion and shape give the ensemble design the desired impact and strong identity. Particular accentuation is placed on the gap between the scenery storage room and the decoration workshops: the offset between the two areas clearly highlights the entrance location and creates a covered area and terrace. This creates a natural location for the main entrance. The development of the facade is based on a design principle that creates an appealing visual effect for pedestrians and rail passengers both from afar and up close. Anodized metal is selected as a facade material. The differentiated edges of the metal facade create an abstract interpretation of a stage curtain covering the State Opera.

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Competition: 1st prize
Date: 2014
Use: Workshops, warehouses
Client: Sprinkenhof GmbH