Hotel at Gothaer Platz Erfurt

2nd prize in invited design competition with 10 participants. A prestigious, multifunctional ensemble of buildings, including a hotel, supermarket, office space and a shared underground car park, is to be built in the Brühl district of Erfurt, southwest of the old town. The master plan envisages a dominant, urban structure at the Gothaer Platz junction, marking the western entrance to the city. The structure consists of a common base from which three independent structures emerge, corresponding to the heterogeneous environment. Uniform in terms of materiality, but differentiated in their formulation, they convey unity and individuality in equal measure and divide the entire ensemble into proportional units. The base and the horizontals between the storeys are made of reddish-coloured exposed concrete with quartz sand. In the case of the dominant urban corner building, the facade material of the base is applied over two floors, connecting the ground floor and first floor to form a raised base. Irregular brick facades above the base, white-washed in varying degrees of intensity, emphasise the urban character of the three structures which, with their imperfect vibrancy, recall the historical buildings of Erfurt. The facade design makes reference to the surrounding bright brick facades with their exposed concrete features and at the same time to the brightly colored plaster facades with often continuous cornices that are common in the cityscape. The use of white-wash gives the clear, orthogonal ensemble a pleasant softness, acting as a matrix for the diverse and vibrant light changes that occur depending on the time of year and day and immersing the building in a constantly changing atmosphere. In the joining areas between the structures, the green surfaces used for the roofing are continued as a vertical green facade.

Competition: 2nd prize
Date: 2020
Use: Hotel, trade, administration
Initiator: Erfurt GP1 Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH