The Fizz Masters Holstenwall Hamburg

DFZ receives 1st prize in building construction competition with seven invited participants. A new building is to be built in a central location at the historic entrance to Hamburg’s Neustadt, designed to fulfil its use as an apartment block as well as respect the tension between the varying designs of the neighbouring listed buildings. Indeed, the surrounding buildings and their substance form the basis for the development of this urban planning concept. The structure is divided into three sections, responding to the surrounding buildings through a mixture of different heights, horizontal and vertical structures, proportions, colours and materials. The differing heights of both neighbouring buildings are considered in the design and complemented by a ten-storey section of the building, slightly separated from both Holstenwall and the “Wimmel-Haus”. The gap in height between the structure and the smaller Wimmel-Haus provides a unique selling point and, together with the new building opposite, creates a gateway to Hamburg’s Neustadt. All three parts of the building are offset by one metre, with the brick facade varying in shades of red, from light to middle to dark, in order to blend with the existing buildings. The three different window breadths, which together form an overarching uniform grid, further distinguish the building and emphasize the slight staggering in depth of the different sections. The “Serviced Apartment House” concept aims to offer one-room apartments to young professionals, taking pressure from the regular housing market by offering temporary accommodation with the benefit of a central location.  With additional commercial spaces on the ground floor and partly on the first, the building contributes to the characteristic mix of residential and business uses already established in Hamburg’s Neustadt.

Competition: 1st prize
Date: 2019
Use: Residential and Commercial
Initiator: International Campus AG represented by project company IC FiZZ Hamburg II GmbH & Co. KG