Elbchaussee Hamburg

At the intersection of Elbchaussee and Mühlenberg, new residential space is to be created on the site of a former petrol station in Hamburg Blankenese. As part of an urban developement and structural process review, a building development is called for which acknowledges not only its location in the immediate vicinity of the Elbe, but also the significance of its position as a gateway to Blankenese. DFZ’s design envisages a residential development made up of individual, legible building blocks. The individual building blocks correspond to the heterogeneous environment and adopt characteristic elements from the surrounding buildings, such as scale, urban texture, roof shapes, gable offsets and spacing. The building blocks are positioned and connected on the site so as to create an ensemble of four structures: three three-storey buildings facing the Elbchaussee and one two-storey building facing the Mühlenberg. The interplay between gable walls and eave facades references the neighbouring buildings and links the new structure with its surroundings. The space between the blocks leads to a residential courtyard, characterized by both private and semi-public open spaces. Commercial space is integrated on the ground floors along the Elbchaussee.

Competition: 3rd prize
Date: 2020
Use: residential
Initator: SAVVY 8 PropCo S.à.r.l