Expansion of Bucerius Law School Hamburg

3rd prize in architectural design competition with part open space planning involving ten architect firms.
The Bucerius Law School was founded in 2000 as the first private law school in Hamburg. The school, housed in the former building of the University of Hamburg’s institute and museum of plant science, is located in the city’s Planten un Blomen park next to the tropical greenhouses. The school has since been expanded with two more buildings, an auditorium and a library and, due to continued growth and requirement of space, is now to receive two additional structures. The aim of the design is to adequately connect the two new buildings to the existing ensemble of buildings, all dating from different periods, to create a coordinated urban unit consisting of a perimeter block development, solitary and extension buildings. Instead of creating new structures which compete with the older heterogeneous ensemble, the characteristics of the existing buildings are adopted and further employed in a more contemporary form. The polygonal structure of the greenhouses is thus the inspiration for the typololgy of the new buildings. The depths and the fascia heights of the existing buildings are decisive for the alignment of the new cubatures, with the resulting corresponding heights of the eaves and gables supporting the integration of the new structures into the overall ensemble. This sense of uniformity is further increased by the choice of wood and glass, which, as well as being more sustainable, further strengthens the connection to the existing buildings. Nevertheless, these are independent structures with their own clear identity. In contrast to the current situation, the entrances and connecting pathways to the Bucerius Law School are clearly defined, whilst also being carefully integrated into the Planten un Blomen park area. The design was created in collaboration with Atelier Loidl Landscape Architects.

Competition: 3rd prize
Size: 6,672 m2 GFA
Date: 2021
Use: education
Initiator: ZEIT Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius and Bucerius Law School, University of Law GmbH