Amsinckstraße 45 Hamburg

2nd prize in restricted, single-stage, cooperative design workshop with seven participants. The planned new building with hotel, office and commercial space is located on the western edge of City Süd on Bundesstrasse 4, a busy traffic artery in Hamburg’s city centre. The area is characterized by densely built perimeter block developments and bordered by two canals, the Sonninkanal and the Mittelkanal. In order to fully meet the spatial requirements and enable the stipulated usage of the specified planning area, the design provides for a dense, urban development which is typologically based on the surrounding pre-war perimeter block structures and creates an apt new focus point in the area. Corresponding to its planned use, the building is divided into two functional modules: a hotel, positioned at the intersection of Amsinckstrasse / Am Mittelkanal / Högerdamm and, to the north, an office and residential building. Both structures extend over the entire site at Sonninkai, and create a new, contemporary interpretation of the traditional canal developments. Through varying building heights, facade structures and brick colours, the overall ensemble is broken up and a reference to the neighbouring buildings is established. In this way, the facade projections, among other elements, conciliate the different building heights of the Sonnin district with the prominent buildings along Amsinckstrasse. A sculptural, perforated facade is planned for the hotel, the simple construction of which consists of deep, vertical pillars and horizontal curved brick elements with stone pilaster strips on each building level. Depending on where you stand, the building appears either more open or closed. The ground floor facade, as a supporting base, consists of large-format stone elements combined with equally large-format glazing, giving this area a protective and, at the same time, welcoming character. For the office and residential building to the north, a simple and restrained brick facade design was selected, which blends harmoniously and quietly into the existing environment. The greatest possible flexibility is aimed for in the usage concept. Open floor plans enable a multitude of spatial connections that allow for both office and residential use. On the ground floor commercial spaces are visible to the public and have the option of being extended out to the waterfront. The residential and office areas are accessed via an open inner courtyard, which opens onto the Sonninkanal with spacious stepped seating and play areas.

Competition: 2nd Prize
Date: 2020
Use: Hotel, Offices, Residential
Initiator: AEIOU 102. GmbH