Oxpark Residential Area Hamburg

On the grounds of the former hospital site in Ochsenzoll, Langenhorn, a new residential area catering for people with mental illness is to be built. Three houses are planned in total – two built by the evangelical foundation, “Das Rauhe Haus”, and one by the association “Freundenkreis Ochsenzoll” (Friends of Ochsenzoll) – as well as a pavilion, which is intended as a neighbourhood meeting place for residents. The three-storey residential buildings and the pavilion stand on 30cm raised, wheelchair-accessible wooden decks, which are interconnected by walkways. The combination of bright plaster facades, warm wood panelling and dark window frames give the buildings a clear and natural colour palette. The single-storey, wooden pavilion, accessible via walkways and located at the centre point between the hospital and residential areas, forms the central hub of the site. Through the positioning of the building on the property and its accessibility from the other buildings via spacious, interconnected walkways, complete with integrated porches and pergolas, the residents are offered an ensemble of interlinking, sophisticated, and sheltered outdoor areas.

Size: 2.806 m² GFA
Services: 1-9
Dates: completion 2016
Use: residential, gastronomy
Client: Das Rauhe Haus, Freundenkreis Ochsenzoll

Photos: Hagen Stier