Living and Working in Ottensen Hamburg

Competitive tender with seven participants. The residential development is centrally located in Hamburg-Altona in the Ottensen district. A distinctively designed building ensemble which takes account of the neighbouring historic buildings is developed in an urban environment. Small townhouses with family-friendly residential units, as well as a perimeter block structure and a solitaire for new forms of accommodation, including studios for living and working, are grouped around an elongated courtyard. Due to the various building forms niches are created, which can be used for small gardens. Through the differing proportions and the facade designs, the buildings become part of the diverse urban neighborhood. Modern facades, for example bright brick facades with ribbon windows or natural stone with glass facades, are combined with classic punched window facades of dark red brick.

Competition: 2nd Prize
Date: 2005
Use: Residential, Administration
Initiator: Verwaltungsgesellschaft DWI Grundbesitz mbH