Jungheinrich AG Distribution Centres

As the result of an invited competition with six participants, a design concept for a number of new distribution centers for the logistics company Jungheinrich AG is under development. These include the German location sites Neufahrn (Munich) and Großsachsenheim (Stuttgart), as well as the Komenda site in Slovenia. The design is based on a repetitive modular grid, similar to a modular system, that can be flexibly adapted for the various needs of each site. Each location contains an office, warehouse and workshop module, as well as a so-called “cross-selling” module. This module will be the architectural trademark of each distribution centre, containing a main entrance with an open foyer area leading into an exhibition space and showroom. The breakdown of the different units means that movement sequences can be better controlled and areas can be more clearly assigned for various functions while the overall visual identity of the centre is kept intact. The choice of simple and functional materials underlines the Jungheinrich AG’s mission statement: sustainability paired with innovative technology. The metal facade is based on the modular grid of 1.35m and the vertical panels are aligned with 8 cm wide shadow gaps between each other. With the ribbon windows, the principle is turned around, with vertical louvers structuring the surface. The appearance of the facade changes depending on the perspective and the way the light falls.

Size: 5.180 m²
Cost: 6.545.000 EUR
Services: Komenda LPH 1-3, Neufahrn Großsachsenheim LPH 1-4 (5)
Dates: in planning since 2012
Use: Administration, Warehouse, Workshop
Client: Jungheinrich Aktiengesellschaft