Veterinary Clinic Hamburg

The new two-storey building in Hamburg-Wandsbek gives a fresh urban feel to the intersection of Rodigallee and Holstenhofweg. With its brick facade the building is in harmony with the traditional architecture of the area while interpreting it in a contemporary manner. The simple structure of two overlapping blocks is broken up by continuous facade ribbons, where transparent glass and opaque profile glazing panels alternate to maximize natural light exposure. On the upper floor there are two office units which can potentially also be used as living quarters. The ground floor accommodates all the rooms necessary for the running of the clinic, as well as technical and elevator areas, and, like the exterior, has a deliberately minimalistic design.

Size: 1.450 m² GFA
Cost: 2.261.000 EUR
Services: LPH 1-7
Dates: completed 2006
Use: Clinical, Administrative
Client: Private

Photos: Tim Corvin Kraus