Town Villa Klopstockstraße Hamburg

The four-storey semi-detached house was built in 1855 as one of the last buildings in a row of late neoclassical homes, forming part of a historically significant ensemble in Klopstockstraße. Following various temporary uses, extensive renovation and restructuring in compliance with historic building conservation guidelines, the building accommodates an architectural firm and several apartments of varying sizes. As part of this work, the 3rd floor and roof space are combined over both halves of the house to form a maisonette-penthouse. While the street-facing facade is renovated to meet historic building conservation standards, the Elbe-facing garden facade displays a collage of historic and contemporary architectural elements, representing the various uses and history of the building.

Size: 1.100 m² GFA
Cost: 1.810.000 EUR
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completion 2002
Use: Residential, administrative
Client: Private

Photos: Hagen Stier, Angelo Kaunat