Sportlife Hotel at Aqua-Fit Hamburg

As part of a qualifications-based selection, the construction of a Sportlife Hotel is planned to extend the Aqua-Fit Wellness Resort in Hamburg-Othmarschen. A green island devoted to sports and spa activities is developed in a busy traffic area. The slightly angled building reflects the shape of the site. The structure is formed from the horizontal arrangement of the different functional areas: hotel, fitness and spa area, reception and events areas. The slightly offset elements with their different facade designs afford the building a dynamic quality and clearly show its various functions. The new building blends harmoniously into the structure of the diverse surroundings, characterised on one side by the tower block and extensive park area of the Asklepios Klinik Altona, and on the other by the motorway sliproad and a commercial area. The building reacts to these contrasting influences, using them to its benefit. In this way, the sports area faces publicly onto the street, while the spa area looks onto the quiet, green area at the back.

Competition: 2nd prize
Date: 2011
Use: Hotel, Fitness Centre
Initiator: Claussen Consult GmbH