School Centre Goldbach Langwedel

The design of the 3-grade secondary school was developed in the course of a restricted planning competition in which DFZ won first prize. Four previously separate blocks will be integrated into the windmill-shaped structure and contain classrooms, technical rooms, administration, cafeteria with kitchen and various break areas. With its expandable solitaire, the new building sets a concise focal point on the site, which zonates the extensive school grounds through the three building wings and creates clearly defined outdoor areas. At the same time, the building’s design, with its planned three wings, creates a structure for the various facilities, as well as short distances between them. The centrally located school hall, consisting of the connectable recreation area and cafeteria, forms the starting-point and also the ‚heart’ of the new building. The generously designed staircase in the centre connects the main functional areas together and, with its integrated seating area, provides an extension of the recreational hall with flexible options for use.

To the competition view

Size: approx. 6.195 m2 GFA
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completion 2020
Use: Education
Client: Flecken Langwedel

Photos: Archimage Meike Hansen