Rumond Walther House Hamburg

In line with a restricted design competition, a new residential care home for the elderly is planned close to the Christianskirche in Hamburg-Ottensen. With its staggered formation, the construction corresponds to the proportions of the surrounding area while at the same time providing a visual reference to the adjacent Christianskirche. The five-storey structure that forms the main part of the building at Ottenser Marktplatz represents the starting point of the building complex, which is then stepped in the direction of the Church. In addition to its integration with the urban setting, the building is designed to accommodate all its functions: as community centre, nursing home and parsonage, all combined in a single-building configuration. The windows on the upper floors are arranged in an even, grid-like pattern on the facades of the building. Sliding units not only form a sunscreen, but also afford the building a lively character.

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Competition: 1st prize
Date: 2010
Use: Nursing home
Initiator: Evangelisch-Lutherischer Kirchenkreis