Quartier 21 – House 50 Hamburg

The original site of the former General Hospital in Barmbek is converted into high quality residential and office space. Working closely with the governmental authority for conservation of historic buildings, the existing structure is converted and extended with new buildings. Included in the development is Haus 50, the former ‘Nurses’ House’ and canteen with an impressive dining area and adjoining kitchen, common areas, as well as a library on the ground floor. As part of the conversion and renovation work, high-quality office spaces are created, uniting the historical atmosphere of the site with modern day standards. The exterior cladding of the brick structure is extensively renovated using current energy saving standards and largely retains its original appearance. The original wooden paneling in the dining hall is fully restored and supplemented with fabric covered wall panels, in the style of the historic wall coverings.

Size: 1.513 m² GFA
Cost: approx. 2.000.000 EUR
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completion 2014
Use: Administration
Client: Private

Photos: Hagen Stier