Quartier 21 – House 26 Hamburg

The original site of the former General Hospital in Barmbek is converted to high quality residential accommodation. Working closely with the governmental authority for conservation of historic buildings, the existing structure is converted and extended with new buildings. Included in the building complex is Haus 26, a former ward block, which now comprises two town houses, seven flats and a maisonette apartment. The exterior cladding of the brick structure is extensively renovated using current energy saving standards and largely retains its original appearance. Only a white-framed, fully glazed row of dormers with balconies replaces the small-scale dormer windows in the centre area of ​​the south-facing mansard roof area, which, with its distinctive contemporary design, blends harmoniously with the overall structure. The simple new entrance doors of the two townhouses, located at the sides of the building, are made of untreated oak, a reference to the former main entrances of the building, while their dimensions and proportions are aligned with those of the adjacent windows.

Size: 1.760 m² GFA
Cost: approx. 2.642.000 EUR
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completion 2012
Use: Residential
Client: Private

Photos: DFZ Architects, Hagen Stier