Multi-purpose Recreational Hall Goethe Grammar School Lurup Hamburg

The shared campus of the Goethe Grammar School and Langbargheide School is extended with a new building. With its expressive, crystalline structure and central position the construction is clearly distinguished from the 1960’s architecture of the surrounding buildings.
A carefully selected space is carved out for the new building, providing a new structure to the outdoor area. Roof and facade meet seamlessly, forming a whole unit. This effect is further emphasized by the cladding of the outer facade with a jointless, uniform plastic surface. In addition to the multi-purpose recreational hall, a separate seminar room is created. The recreational hall is used as a canteen during school time and as an event space for the both the school and the surrounding district outside school hours.

Size: 920 m2 GFA
Construction costs: 2.380.000 EUR
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completion 2009
Use: Education
Client: Department for Education and Sports, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

Photos: Hagen Stier