Wilhelma Elephant World Stuttgart

In order to comply with the EU Zoos Directive on standards for the accommodation and care of animals in zoos which has been in force since 2014, a new facility for the Elephant World at Wilhelma Zoo is to be created. The area is to consist of four parts: an elephant enclosure including building and outdoor area, an area for​​ additional species, a restaurant, and a new entrance area for the northwest entrance to the zoo. The compatibility of the building dimensions and structure with the surrounding landscape was one of the most important considerations for the design. In view of this, it was naturally concluded that the outdoor elephant enclosure should be adjoined to Rosenstein Park, in order to visually link the grounds with the park area by means of an open, gentle transition. The inner enclosures are located accordingly in a building to the north. A solitaire building developed from a polygonally bent structure blends into the landscape with subtle topographic differentiation. For the smaller side areas of the building which face north to Pragstraße and contain the functional areas, a clear, closed building edge with uniform eaves is planned. The course of the polygonally bent roof height is designed so that the building opens up to the south at the main entrance, allowing visitors a view into the elephant enclosure. In addition, the roof provides a generous canopy through the recessed facade, which, in addition to weather protection, ensures effective shading in the summer months and energy input in the winter months.

Size: approx. 93.910 m3 BRI
Date: 2017
Use: Culture, Zoo
Initiator: State of Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart