Museum of Concrete Art and Design Ingolstadt

A listed former foundry hall from the 19th century is to be extended and converted into a museum for concrete art and design. Crucial to the design is an approach which creates a building with its very own character and which connects the history of the place with the contents of the collection in a unique and contemporary way. Special attention is paid to the historical structure of the old foundry building. It is supplemented by a volume, which extends the main building to the west and which continues upwards and outwards towards the south. In so doing a distinctive, symbolic building emerges from the newly structured urban environment, establishing formal links with the historically significant neighborhood, the New Castle from the 15th century and the Ross Mill from the 16th century on the castle grounds. The rust-coloured corten-steel cladding of the new facade and roof surfaces is a reference to the building’s former use and forms a harmonious unity with the brick facade of the foundry hall. The modern design elements of the extension enhance the old building and enable the ensemble to be experienced as a whole. At the same time the historic character of the building is clearly visible inside and out.

Competition: 1st prize
Date: 2012
Use: Museum
Initiator: City of Ingolstadt