Fashion Centre Osthafen

Evaluation process with six invited participants. The planned new building for the fashion centre at Osthafen should complement the diverse landscape and urban environment while also meeting the needs of its users with a strong identity and high functionality. The planned building reflects the cubic nature of the architecture within the specified construction area. A generous opening to the southwest distinguishes the semi-public restaurant and event area. The existing plinth of the warehouse building is continued and serves as a natural connection between the old and new building. The new building appears as a monolithic structure which arranges itself around a negative space. This “space” on the ground floor includes the fully glazed restaurant area, the raised event area and an open, staggered, multi-level courtyard. Above ground are four full storeys, and in the basement a partial cellar is planned. The chosen structure of the facade is intended to adequately correspond to the heights of the existing listed buildings. The result is a facade that is timeless in its simplicity and elegance and which also, through numerous display options, confidently projects the contents of the building outwards. Facade bands at various levels can thus function as an advertising medium.

Competition: –
Date: 2007
Use: Events, gastronomy, showrooms
Initiator: Labels Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG