Lindenhof Ahrensburg

On the outskirts of Ahrensburg’s town centre and within walking distance from its train station, a new building with apartments, service providers and commercial units is being constructed. While the design is sensitive to the specific properties and characteristics of the environment, the building complex has its own strong identity, making it quickly recognizable. The inter-connected group of buildings with a gross floor area of 12.000 m2 (including an underground garage and adjoining rooms) comprises a base building as well as two polygonal shaped building blocks. The outer contours of the building blend in with the existing surroundings while the inner walls form a quiet courtyard. The distinctive accentuation of the eastern corner of the building highlights the urban transition to the city centre’s shopping and service areas. The open spaces of the planning area are connectively brought to life through the interweaving of the public street space with the elevated courtyard (accessible via stairways and elevators), and offer a different range of uses than those envisaged for the ground and first floor. A unique interconnectivity between commercial, service and residential use is thus created.

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Size: 10.206 m2 GFA
Services: LPH 1-5
Dates: Completion 2019
Use: Residential, commercial, office
Client: Projektgesellschaft Lindenhof GbR