Bremer Landesbank

Within the framework of a limited design competition with 14 participants, concepts for a new building for Bremer Landesbank at the central Domshof are developed. The site is located between historical listed buildings in the heart of Bremen. The new, modestly designed construction consists of two interwoven buildings, forming a six-storey, partially staggered structure, which nestles against the neighbouring buildings. A recessed ground floor clearly distinguishes the building and directs pedestrians and customers to the entrances of the new bank foyer. The formation of two courtyards and a smaller light well allow for a sophisticated inner system of access points and uses. The upper floors adopt the original building line. The facade is planned with floor-to-ceiling punched windows, while the sandstone pillars provide an abstract interpretation of the massive natural stone works of the surrounding prestigious buildings.

Competition: –
Date: 2011
Use: Administration
Initiator: Bremer Landesbank Kreditanstalt Oldenbur