Extension Art Hall Bremen

Open, single-level, two-phase competition. The extension building for the Kunsthalle Bremen is positioned confidently and on a par with the existing historical building of the Kunsthalle. The new building responds sensitively to the existing structures, developing an exciting interaction between old and new without appearing to compete against each other. The monolithic solitaire, which is broken up by a dynamic overhang and window slits is integrated into the landscaped structure of the adjoining historical ramparts. The building emerges from the ground and with the overhang, starts to hover slightly above it. The newly created museum square between the buildings marks the entrance area and connects the cultural buildings with the green zones of the ramparts. The building is designed as a reinforced concrete structure. The overhang is supported by means of an exterior shear wall and an inner shear wall on the upper levels.

Competition: 2nd phase
Date: 2007
Use: Museum
Initiator: Kunstverein Bremen