Kopernikus Secondary School Berlin

Limited competition. The competition site comprises a historic former industrial site, which forms an island in an area of the city’s urban structure consisting of individual houses and small gardens. A secondary school in the form of a “training workshop” is to be built at the former factory site. New buildings will be carefully added to the existing listed buildings. In so doing, the new buildings exist as homogeneous, clearly formed volumes in dialogue with the solidity of the old buildings. The complex of old and new buildings forms a ring-shape around an atrium which is used as a schoolyard. As a light-filled structure slotted into the new building, the entrance and communications hall is instantly recognizable. Internally, the building complex is also organised as a ring-shape and allows for exciting sightlines and sequences of communication and educational zones. Extra-curricular and multi-purpose areas are accommodated on the ground floor, while learning takes place on the upper floors in specialist rooms and classrooms. In addition, a triple-use sports hall opposite the main entrance is proposed which can also be used independently by external sports clubs.

Competition: –
Date: 2008
Use: High School
Initiator: State of Berlin, represented by the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district of Berlin, SE Immobilien