Jenfeld Mitte Hamburg

1st prize in the invited urban planning and architectural design competition. In the eastern part of the Wandsbek district in Hamburg a new, forward-looking and highly sustainable residential district is being developed. The task here is to define and give form to the central area around the main square of the ‘Jenfelder Au’ . The design and appearance of the buildings create an impression of high quality which is in keeping with the sophisticated design of the area’s cascade park, creating a lively centre and meeting place in the district. The combination of the scale of the former barracks buildings with the adjoining small-scale townhouse structures is impressive. A coherent building ensemble is created, formed from distinguishable building blocks. The specified cubature is further emphasized within the B-Plan area, so that the L-shaped building block of construction field 10 is divided into three interlocked building cubes, individually distinguisable through narrow ‘gaps’, while the building on construction field 8 consists of two interlocked cubes. This creates a structure within a vertical space which effectively connects the new centre with the smaller-scale buildings around it. The consistency of the building appearances on the one hand, and the subtle differentiation through projections and recesses on the other hand, together with varying colour themes, create a distinctive and self-confident ensemble which offers a high standard of living and conveys a lively and urban atmosphere.

Size: approx. 11.440 m2 GFA
Services: 1-5
Date: Completion 2022
Use: residential
Commercial client: Zweites Bahrenfelder Wohnungsunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG (housing company)