Jahn Museum Unstrut

In preparation for the International German Gymnastics Festival in 2021 in Leipzig and the 100th Anniversary of the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Gymnastics Festival in Freyburg in 2022, the city of Freyburg is planning a complete renovation and expansion of the celebrated gymnast’s house, also home to a museum in his honour.  The existing main building and annex are to be extensively renovated in accordance with historical building requirements while the addition of a new structure will expand the current ensemble. In our design concept, the addition of a new structure adds a unique counterpart to the two existing buildings in the museum complex. The new structure appears to slide into the sloping site, connecting with the landscape and forming an open structure of corresponding solitaires, in turn creating an inviting sports forum in honour of the former Freyburg resident.  The public path to Neuchâtel Castle is to be conserved and, taking the form of an elegant staircase, connects the urban space with the higher castle in an almost dramatic manner. The newly created structure, acting as a kind of lighthouse, plays a very special role for the whole ensemble in attracting attention from passers-by and visitors in the wider area. While a modern and contemporary appearance is given to the new building, local materials and characterful design elements are used to ensure a sense of place and identity. The area between the existing building and the new building is designed to take larger groups of visitors and forms an inviting space.  Generous glazing also allows passers-by and hikers on the way to Neuchâtel exciting views into the interior of the new building.

Competition: 4th prize
Date: 2018
Use: Culture
Initiator: City of Freyburg (Unstrut)