Historic Riding School Eutin

2nd prize in non-open architectural design competition with 13 participants. Formerly the stables of Eutin Castle, the listed riding school is located on the outskirts of the old town, directly by Eutin’s lake. The school is to be renovated, converted and extended for future use as an events venue. In addition to a large auditorium for up to 500 visitors and some smaller auditoriums, the design includes a foyer area with cloakroom, a backstage area, office space, and a bar/lounge area. The main focus of the design concept is the conservation of the existing buildings and the return to the original building structure. The design proposes a physical separation between the riding school and the extension building: while the latter exists as a freestanding, striking structure, it is subordinate to the ensemble as a whole. The structure, which takes the form of two L-shaped volumes connected to each other through a series of arcades, wraps itself at a respectable distance around the existing building, providing it with a frame while at the same time defining the transitions between courtyard, park and promenade. Due to the layout of the urban planning, all three sides of the building are front-facing. The bar/lounge area is located in the north of the building and with its connecting pergola highlights the view of the lake.

Competition: 2nd prize
Date: 2017
Use: Culture
Initiator: City of Eutin