Hermes Innovation Center Hamburg

1st prize in the invited expert review procedure. Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH is planning a conceptual renovation of its head office in Luruper Hauptstraße. The HERMES INNOVATION CENTER (HIC), a new focal point for the company, is to be added to the existing, partially listed building. As part of the development of the HERMES INNOVATION CENTER, we have made it our central task to make this true core of the corporate identity visible, tangible and recognisable. This is achieved through a clear focus on a small selection of meaningful, highly distinguishable elements (e.g. material, surface structure, functionality, durability) as well as creating an impression of openness, technical competence and simplicity in all areas of the design. In the organization of the different functional units, the focus is particularly on the connection between the existing main entrance and the new functional unit in the center of the planning area. In the future, the area adjacent to the existing main entrance will function as a space for company presentations and exhibitions. Visitors are guided through this area into a new, open, central courtyard, before arriving at the HERMES INNOVATION CENTER. The new building, with its compact volume, clear shape and architectural scale, calms the fragmented and heterogeneous environment that often exists in commercial areas. Based on functionality, it reflects the company’s technological competence, and provides a strong sense of corporate identity for employees and customers. The sense of competence and credibility is further symbolized in the simplicity and sobriety of the architectural appearance of the building.

Size: approx. 1.700 m2 GFA
Competition: 1st prize
Date: 2017
Use: Administration, education, gastronomy
Initiator: Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH