Haus der Statistik Berlin

2nd prize in the Europe-wide open two-phase design competition with 81 participants. In order to underline the urban and historical importance of the House of Statistics in Berlin, a design concept is developed which, through a sensitive re-interpretation, creates a contemporary extension of the existing structure. In the first implementation phase, the renovation of the existing facade and a heightening of the main building are planned. In a later, second stage of construction, the addition of a ‘hovering’ bar will create a counterpart to the existing structure, while overall contributing to a coherent ensemble, an urban unity. This raised component of the extension building also makes direct reference to the surrounding buildings. The partly protruding floors, typical for this area of Berlin, create a striking appearance and a transparent contrast to the rest of the building. Probably the earliest and most well-known example is the Alexander/Berolinahaus in Alexanderplatz, built by Peter Behrens. Even the neighbouring “House of Travel” has a transparent strip on the 1st floor, pleasantly defining the urban space at eye level. Inspired by these surroundings, a 190 meter long transparent bar is added in the second construction phase, projecting out as far as the forecourt of House A. We refer to it as a ‘Kulturbandmitte’ or a cultural centre block. Completely transparent, this hovering bar is dedicated entirely to culture, a striking representative of the city of Berlin. The flexibility of the space makes it suitable for both public and cultural use. The connecting plinth area could be used, among other things, as a laboratory of the arts, or a culinary market hall could be established in houses B and C.

Competition: 2nd prize
Date: 2018
Use: Administration, culture, residential
Initiator: Land Berlin Sondervermögen Immobilien des Landes Berlin (SILB),
represented by BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH