Main Building of the University of Hamburg

Following an architectural design competition in 2001, a project was developed to redesign the main building of the University of Hamburg during normal university operations. The modernization, renovation and repair work are carried out in several construction phases and include the restoration and redesign of the main foyer, the renovation of the lecture halls (including the central Agathe-Lasch-Hörsaal situated under the large cupola), the development and integration of a multimedia complex with the latest in modern media and presentation technology, the design of the Academic Senate room, the installation of a passenger lift to improve accessibility, planning and completion of new administrative areas, the installation of central toilet facilities under the main foyer, various measures to improve fire safety as well as the partial renovation of the facade and roof area. In all areas the redesign is a combination of major and minor measures, from the complete overhaul of all areas and furniture fixtures and the modernizing of all electrical and light installations to the laser cutting of individual brass letters for the lecture hall signs. These measures combine to achieve the goal of an impressive yet modest presentation of the space, as well as its technical and architectural modernization.

Size: 11.760 m2 GFA
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completion in phases since 2002
Use: Education, management
Client: University of Hamburg

BDA Hamburg Award for Architecture, 2005, 1st prize
AIV – Building of the Year, 2005
BDA “Big Nike” Prize for Architecture, 2007, nomination
“Architecture in Hamburg” Yearbook (Hamburg Chamber of Architects), Best Projects Award 1989-2008, 1st prize in Renovation and Reconstruction Category, 2008

Photos: Hagen Stier