Hafentor 7 Hamburg

The construction site is centrally located at Landungsbrücke, at the foot of the historic ramparts. The proposed structure stretches along the Hafentor road, its design integrating with the entrance of the S-train station. The planned six-storey building recalls the height and materiality of the surrounding buildings, the eaves of which the new structure is aligned with. The proposed use of the building is designed to harmonize with the existing area and provide important additions to the neighborhood. The offer of assisted living groups or flat-shares on the first and second floor caters for people with disabilities who want to live together, offering a network of various services, which allow them to lead a largely independent life. Similarly, group homes or living communities are planned for the elderly. The top three floors offer flats for rent, ranging from 45 m² to 90 m² in size. The design of the floor plans accommodates the different needs of residents, be they individuals or families. The offer ranges from two – to four -bedroom apartments.

Size: 5.200 m² GFA
Services: LPH 1-4
Dates: Completion 2022
Use: Residential, commercial
Client: EUROLAND Projektierungen GmbH, Hamburg