Goethe School Harburg Hamburg

2nd prize in the non-open, single-phase, high-build realization competition with 12 participants. As part of an architectural competition, the Goethe school on Eißendorferstraße is to be extended with a science centre, canteen, hall area and sports hall. The overriding theme of the design is the structural interpretation of the school’s mission statement with its main focuses on culture and science. The concept allows for the construction to be concentrated in one location. The new building is carefully integrated into the existing structure, modernising it and creating an urban appearance which references the structure and materials of the existing building. The size and mass distribution, as well as the building’s height, are designed to create a clear boundary at the forecourt of Eißendorferstraße and in doing so, an impressive main entrance for the new building. This is supported by the choice of materials: The different shades of red brick and the fully glazed entrance area are complemented by an impressive roof structure, which, with its playfully arranged vertical slats, gives the building an immediate air of distinction. In addition to urban integration, the building’s design is defined by its use. Based on the premise ‘short distances’, the grouping and positioning of the different areas is clear and self-explanatory. Large-sized structures and clear arrangement of space ensure accessibility at all levels while the option of connecting or separating particular areas lends great flexibility of use.

Size: 3.500 m2 GFA
Competition: 2nd Prize
Date: 2015
Use: Education
Initiator: WMT | Gebäude Management Hamburg GmbH