IKEA Altona Hamburg

The facade of the first inner-city IKEA store in the centre of the old town of Altona is the result of a single-stage competition with six participants. The main theme is based on a bar code, formed by a series of unequally spaced, ridged metal panels. Depending on where you are standing, the building looks either coloured or neutral. To achieve this effect, the narrow ridges of the otherwise white aluminum panel facade are coloured in the iconic IKEA blue. Coming from the direction of Altona station, the narrow blue stripes combine from the side view to form a uniform blue surface. For the residential area opposite, the building takes on a pleasant warm white colour. This creates a diverse colour effect, which changes depending on the viewer. The division of the facade into individual ribbons, as well as the slight protrusions and recesses recall the proportions of the surrounding buildings, helping this huge construction to integrate into the heterogeneous urban structure. The appearance of the building changes over the course of the day through the different shadows of the slightly inclined surfaces. The elongated window strips obtrude in some places, allowing a visual and spatial link between the urban space and its internal function. The main entrance is formed by a cut, yellow-coloured, glazed cube, creating a widely visible sign from the direction of Altona train station.

Competition: 1st prize
Date: 2011
Use: furnishing house with parking deck

Initiator: IKEA Verwaltungs-GmbH