Detached house Blankenese Hamburg

In Blankenese, Hamburg, a two-storey family house is planned on the edge of the Falkensteiner Ufer conservation area. In order to meet the requirements of the nature reserve, the structure will be build to the north of the site. The topography of the southern part of the land will remain unchanged. The two above-ground floors are to accommodate a family with two children as well as a guest room. A workshop and audio room, as well as a fitness and sauna area are planned for the basement next to the garage. The cubic volume of the structure is characterised by the different angles of the gable roof: On the street side, the building has a roof pitch of 24°, while on the garden side the slope of 2.5° is much lower. Clear cuts and wooden facade elements add to the minimalist form of the building. Uniformity is created through the use of flat bricks for both the roof and facade.

Size: 1.200 m2 BFG
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completion 2018
Use: Residential
Client: Private

Photos: Hagen Stier, Hamburg