DESY Experimentation Hall Petra III Hamburg

In the middle of a mundane industrial area, the new experimentation hall for the ring accelerator PETRA III, located at the DESY research centre, receives a new facade design as well as plans for a bridge to connect two research units. The two-storey, 40m wide and nearly 300m long building resembles a segment of a circle. The facade is designed to symbolize the processes taking place inside the building and is therefore clad with horizontally layered aluminum strips of varying width. The dynamic inclination and aligned joints of the panels evoke the themes of acceleration and speed. This effect is further emphasized by the colorful design of the metal soffits. The colours change depending on the light, angle and time of day. The sophisticated facade design takes account of the characteristics of its surroundings while simultaneously affording the building a certain prestige. The building is separated from the site by a lowered gravel strip, giving the impression that the building is floating slightly above the ground. A bridge provides direct access to the research building. Doors and gateways are fixed with additional framing, highlighting these areas without interrupting the dynamic flow of the facade.

Size: 12.400 m2 GFA
Cost: 2.856.000 EUR
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: Completed 2008
Use: Laboratory
Client: DESY – Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron


BDA Hamburg Prize for Architecture, Special Mention, 2010

Photos: Hagen Stier