Haerder-Centre Lübeck

As part of a competitive tender process with eight participants, the new Haerder Centre, with a sales area of approximately 10,000 m², is to be built at the site of the traditional Haerder department store, vacant since 1999. The central location in the historic old town, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and therefore under special protection, calls for high quality standards in terms of urban and architectural design. Of particular significance is the three-dimensional verticality of the facades of the surrounding old buildings, their compact structure and permeability, as well as the division of the entire building structure into small parts. The plan proposes a universal design concept in the form of vertical pilaster strips of natural stone that are positioned in front of a glass facade. The glass facade facilitates a relationship between inside and outside, while the vertical stone pilasters integrate the exterior into the streetscape, create a three-dimensional appearance and, through their depth, simultaneously provide protection from direct sunlight. The structure of the facade is seen again in the aerial view of the building and is repeated right through to the interior of the atrium.

Competition: 2nd Prize
Date: 2005
Use: Commercial, administrative
Initiator: Grundstücksgesellschaft Einkaufszentrum Haerder-Center Lübeck mbH & Co. KG