Am Kaiserkai – Construction Site 12 HafenCity Hamburg

Restricted competition. By combining angular building structures and solitaires a network of small alleys and squares is created at the residential quarters at Dalmannkai. The L-shaped, clearly structured building ensemble at construction site 12, with a semi-public square at its centre, attributes its sophisticated design to the arrangement of the residential units. The dominant facade material is a thinly formatted bright or dark ‘klinker’, in places layered in a relief-type way. Depending on the use, the diverse facade offers flush and recessed ribbon windows, framed loggias and enclosed balconies, as well as a glazed base area for partly commercial and residential use. The variable floor plan designs of the different types of accommodation, such as maisonette or loft, is the basis for a diverse and unique living space.

Competition: 3rd prize
Date: 2006
Use: Residential, Commercial
Initiator: Gesellschaft für Bau- und Stadtentwicklung mbH, Hamburg