Vocational School Dratelnstraße Hamburg

The vocational school in Dratelnstrasse, Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, is the result of a merger of two schools with very different disciplines. To mark the merger, the grounds are to be complemented by a new building. In addition, the existing building to the north of the grounds is to be rebuilt and modernized. The three-storey new building is to be located on the western side of the school grounds and will house additional teaching and subject-specific learning rooms, office space and a multipurpose canteen which, as well as being a café, can also be used for events. Through its common use by students from all disciplines, the canteen gains significant importance as a central meeting point on the school grounds. The new building, with its roof staggered towards Dratelnstraße and its covered entrance area, creates the new focal point for the merged vocational schools. The contemporary and restrained architectural style of the compact building structure is continued in the design of the perforated facades. In addition to the new building, a pavilion with classroom and workshop is to be built in the courtyard of the existing building.

Size: 8.500 BGF
Services: LPH 1-8
Dates: completion 2019
Use: Education
Client: SBH | Schulbau Hamburg

Photos: Hagen Stier, Hamburg