BAUHAUS Store Bremen

Invited competition with five participants. At a site near the city centre of Bremen, an urban concept is developed for Bauhaus, which, while architecturally pleasing, also reflects the strong image of the company. The design, with its clear architectural language, defines the space between the adjacent Stresemann- and Steubenstraße and forms the new beginning to this stretch of road. The significant cubature of the building is produced by refining the form requirements in terms of proportion and shape. By slightly rotating two functional units away from each other, a clearly distinguished, covered entrance area is created. Red facade elements are stamped with the company’s stylised logo in three different sizes. The individual “pixels” are organised into a graphic image which, when observed from a distance, merge to form oversized, overlapping logos. These embossed elements can be used for other Bauhaus stores to enhance corporate identity. The steel case construction allows a modular and rapid construction.

Competition: 1st prize
Date: 2009
Use: Commercial
Initiator: ZECH Immobilien GmbH, Bremen