Areal West Hamburg

Two-stage, limited competition with 36 participants. The plot forms the end or starting point of the “Hamburger Perlenkette” (Hamburg’s Pearl Necklace), a row of significant buildings along the Elbe promenade. The area is divided into three independent, crystalline shaped structures. Their creative design responds to the former topographical conditions of the area, as well as to the different connecting pathways and different sightlines. Through the design of the structure and the striking opening onto the square with large open stairway leading to the Elbe, the southern buildings create a striking landmark at the riverside. The new square ensures sightlines between the Elbe and the hillside along it and becomes the central point of the ensemble. A flexible, mixed usage is planned, including commercial, hotel, office and residential.

Competition: 2nd prize
Date: 2010
Use: Hotel, Administration, Residential, Production
Initiator: HHLA AG