Townhouses Finkenau Hamburg

As part of a joint building venture, eleven single-family townhouses and fourteen town houses, each containing two stacked duplexes, are being planned for a 25 unit site in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst. The architectural firms involved include Hamburg-based Kraus Schönberg Architects, DFZ Architects and APB, as well as Adam Khan Architects of London. All homes have three full storeys and a mezzanine floor as well as a shared garage. Working in close cooperation with the client, the architects developed in total twelve different types of houses for the site, which are to be arranged in colourful succession. A number of options regarding the type of facade brick add further to the diversity and make for a vibrant and varied streetscape.

Size: Accommodation units from 140 m² to 320 m² gross floor space
Services: LPH 1-9
Dates: in planning since 2013
Use: Residential
Client: Joint building venture Finken & Uhlen GbR

Perspectives: Kraus Schönberg Architects
Internal perspectives: DFZ Architects
Overall view: Adam Khan Architects