Pergolenviertel Construction Site 10 Hamburg

1st prize in urban design competition. The Pergolenviertel is a residential area featuring an ensemble of large courtyards within a park environment. The competition focuses on the entrance area to the south of the Pergolenviertel and its role in creating a sense of character and identity for the quarter. The construction includes three buildings for housing cooperatives and, with up to eight storeys, creates a physical high point in the development.  The clean structure of the facade and the defining interweave of protruding and receding bricks create an impressive starting point for the development. The facade is based on a simple grid pattern which, through the addition of loggias, window openings and wall panels allows manifold possibilities for opening or closing of spaces. The uniformity of the window openings gives a subtle structure to the facade. On the ground floor, which contains common areas and a restaurant, a large recess in the facade is planned, creating a large loggia which blends harmoniously with the overall appearance of the structure. The nature of the pergolas in the southeast of the construction is such that the living space is increased, while at the same time additional outdoor space is created, supporting the social concept of the housing cooperative in this area.

Size: 13.267 m² GFA
Date: in progress since 2018
Use: Residential
Client: UnsLüü GbR c/o Conplan, Pergolenpartner GbR und StadtparkWohnen eG i.Gr. with To Huus und insel e.V. c/o Lawaetz-Stiftung