09/2019 Exhibition on the History of the University
On Tuesday, 24 September, the University of Hamburg opened not only its new permanent exhibition “Stories from 100 Years of Research, Teaching and Education”, but also its new premises. The former storage areas in the main building have been extended by DFZ and, in addition to the exhibition space, sanitary facilities and barrier-free access have been added. (Read more)


09/2019 Inauguration of the one-field gymnasium in Ingolstadt
On 18 September, the keys for the one-field gymnasium of the Reuchlin-Gymnasium in Ingolstadt were handed over. With its anodised aluminium façade and small above-ground volume, the new building blends unobtrusively into the pavilion-like, open structure of the “Auf der Schanz” school grounds. (Read more)


09/2019 Office trip to Copenhagen
The DFZ team had four interesting, eventful and funny days in Copenhagen.


08/2019 International Building Forum 2019 – Magistralen
From 19 to 24 August, DFZ Architekten took part in the International Building Forum and developed new perspectives for Magistrale 3 (Grindelallee – Langenhorner Chaussee) together with PosadMaxwan (The Hague), Teleinternetcafe Architektur & Urbanismus (Berlin), Fehlig Moshfeghi Architekten (Hamburg), studio amore (Berlin) and the District Office HH Nord.


08/2019 Laying of the foundation stone for the Zentrum für Studium und Promotion
On 20 August, the foundation stone for the Centre for Studies and Doctorate was laid on the university campus of the TU Hamburg-Harburg. The long-awaited official go-ahead has now been given for the three-storey new building, which is intended to optimise the students’ working opportunities and improve the conditions for doctoral funding. (Read more)


06/2019 1st prize in two-phase competition for the development of Halbinsel Kesselstraße in Düsseldorf’s harbour district
The urban design by DFZ Architekten and Atelier Loidl envisages the development of qualitative open spaces with a strong relationship to water as well as a new combination of typological building components discovered at the adjacent media and business harbours.(Read more)


06/2019 Award best architects 20
The new building of the Opera Fundus of the Hamburg State Opera is awarded with the best architects 20. (Read more)


06/2019 Award of contract for the refurbishment and conversion of the storage building V
DFZ has been awarded the contract in the award procedure for the refurbishment and conversion of Storage V in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt and has started planning. (Read more)


05/2019 Construction site tours through the Pergola district
The first of three construction site tours through the pergola district took place on 27 May as part of the Architecture Summer. Hans-Peter Boltres, head of the city and landscape planning department in the Hamburg-Nord district, gave an introduction to the district’s design guidelines. The residential building on construction site 2b will be completed at the end of the year. (Read more)


05/2019 Topping-out ceremony New Centre Altona Block 02
On 23 May, the residents of the Villekulla building group and those involved in the construction celebrated the topping-out ceremony. The project is part of the development of the first phase of the “Masterplan Mitte Altona”, which was approved by the Hamburg Parliament in 2012. (Read more)


04/2019 Realisation of a further BAUHAUS-Fachcentrum branch office
DFZ receives the order for the realization of the BAUHAUS-Fachcentrum in Düsseldorf-Rath. (Read more)


03/2019 2nd prize in non-open design competition with 16 participants
On 29 March 2019, the results of the non-open design competition “New Teaching and Learning Centre at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Kurt-Schumacher Ring Campus, Wiesbaden” were announced at a press conference in Wiesbaden. DFZ Architects received second prize. (Read more)


12/2018 Topping-out ceremony in the Pergolenviertel
After just under a year of construction, the topping out ceremony will take place on the site 2b on 12 December. The design by DFZ Architekten creates 64 condominiums with underground parking in the northern part of the Pergolenviertel. (Read more)


11/2018 Opening of the opera workshops and storage rooms for the Hamburg State Opera.
On November 14, Mayor Peter Tschentscher and Culture Senator Carsten Brosda officially inaugurated the new premises of the State Opera in Rothenburgsort. (Read more)


08/2018 1st prize in urban design competition for the Pergolenviertel in Hamburg
DFZ Architects has won first prize for its design of an up to eight-storey high building which marks the beginning of the new ‘Pergolenviertel’ in Hamburg. (Read more)


08/2018 2nd prize open design competition for House of Statistics, Berlin
DFZ receives second prize for its design of the facade and urban development plan in a two-phase design competition with 81 participants. (Read more)


04/2018 1st prize in invited urban planning and architectural design competition for the Jenfelder Au district
DFZ receives first prize for the design of an apartment building in Jenfeld’s central main square. (Read More)


03/2018 2nd prize in open competition for design of new Buddenbrookhaus Museum in Lübeck
DFZ receives second prize in an open, single-phase project competition with 20 participants for the design of the new Buddenbrookhaus Museum in Lübeck. (Read More)


09/2017 A new supporter for the Gutenberg-Museum project
Chancellor Angela Merkel stops by at the market square in Mainz during her election campaign, together with regional chairwoman Julia Klöckner and constituency candidate Ursula Groden-Kranich. (Read more)
Photo © Alessa Grigull


09/2017 Topping out ceremony at Vocational School, Dratelnstraße Hamburg
The new school building for the vocational school in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg is nearing completion: The topping out ceremony will be held on 29th September. (Read more)


05/2017 2nd prize in non-open architectural design competition for historic riding school in Eutin with 13 participants
Formerly the stables of Eutin Castle, the listed riding school is located on the outskirts of the old town, directly by Eutin’s lake. It is to be renovated, converted and expanded for future use as an events venue.

11/2016 Idea screening for Am Weißenberge: DFZ awarded contract
Am Weißenberge, a new residential area in the north of Hamburg, is to be expanded as part of SAGA’s idea screening process. (Read more)

10/2016 2nd prize in non-open, two-phase planning competion with 16 participants
DFZ Architects received 2nd prize for its design for a new residential quarter to be built on the grounds of a former school. (Read more)

07/2016 3nd prize in non-open competition for the design of the facade of new Ikea store in Karlsruhe
The design for the facade of the new Ikea building envisaged a play of differently spaced metal panels, based on a barcode. Depending on the viewpoint and the different shadows created by the slightly offset surfaces, the appearance of the facade changes throughout the day. (Read more)

05/2016 3rd prize in restricted two-phase design competition “Living at Kurt-Schumacher-Ring, Wolfsburg-Detmerode”
The task of the competition was to develop a replacement building for Paul Baumgarten’s “Stufenhochhaus”. DFZ Architects won third prize for its design. (Read more)

05/2016 2nd prize in non-open ideas competition for “Priwall Waterfront”, Travemünde
DFZ has won second prize for the design of three buildings, located directly at the promenade in Travemunde. The three standalone sculptural structures house a brewery, apartments and tourist-oriented retail space. (Read more)

3/2016 1st prize in invited architectural design workshop, Mitte Altona Block Ib. 3, Construction Site 1
DFZ Architects has won first prize for the design of a seven storey residential building on the Mitte Altona development site. (Read more)

2/2016 1st prize in non-open design competition for the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz
At the end of a Europe-wide, two-stage competitive process with 27 participants, DFZ was awarded first prize for the restructuring of the exhibition and function space and an extension of the Mainz Gutenberg Museum, located in the centre of the old town. (Read more)

11/2015 1st prize in competition workshop for urban & open Space planning in Hamburg-Kirchwerder
The urban design of a new residential area and local school in the outer area of Kirchwerder unites the open structure of the surrounding landscape with the village-feel of Kirchwerder. (Read more)

08/2015 2nd prize in restricted design competition with five participants
DFZ Architects awarded second prize in restricted competition with five participants for the construction of a community centre and children’s day care centre on the site of the Evangelical Lutheran Emmaus Church in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. (Read more)

04/2015 1st prize at invited workshop for Mitte Altona Block 02
DFZ Architects were awarded the first prize at the end of the workshop proceedings. The five-storey residential building is part of a perimeter block building in the centre of Altona. (Read more)

02/2015 2nd prize in restricted design competition for the restructuring and expansion of Goethe School
DFZ convinced the jury with its sensitive integration and interweaving of the new design with the existing structure. At the same time, the building is given a new and distinctive identity. (Read more)

12/2014 Completion of the Rumond-Walther-Haus in Hamburg-Ottensen
The construction work of the nursing home have been completed and the first residents move into their rooms.
(Read more)

11/2014 1st prize in restricted competition for the construction of a three-level secondary school.
DFZ architects awarded first prize for design of new building on the school grounds at Goldbach, Langwedel. (Read more)

09/2014 1st prize in restricted, urban and architectural design competition for Lindenhof Ahrensburg.
DFZ Architects was awarded the first prize for the design of a new building with apartments, services and commercial units on the outskirts of Ahrensburg’s town centre. (Read more) 

07/2014 1st prize in restricted competition for new opera workshops and storage rooms for Hamburg State Opera
With its clear, confident architectural language and minimalist choice of colour, shape and structure, DFZ Architects’ design was awarded first prize in a limited competition with seven participants. (Read more)

06/2014 Completion of IKEA store, Altona, Hamburg
Following 18 months of construction, Ikea celebrates the opening of its first city centre store, located in Große Bergstraße, close to Altona’s train station. (Read more)

06/2014 “best architects 15” Award
DFZ wins “best architects 15” award for the Bauhaus Trade Centre in Bremen. (Read more)

05/2014 1st Prize for urban design competition “Mitten in Bergedorf, Wohnen am Mohnhof” (In central Bergedorf, living in Mohnhof), Hamburg-Bergedorf
DFZ Architects win the first prize in the competition with architectural focus. (Read more)

05/2014 Laying of foundation stone for residential development in Ifflandstraße
On 15th May foundations for the new residential development in Ifflandstraße, Hamburg, were laid. The building will house 19 different-sized residential units. (Read more)

04/2014 1st Prize Non-Open Competition, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures), Berlin
DFZ Architects came out top in a competitive process against four other architectural firms, winning the competition for the renovation and modernization of the House of World Cultures in Berlin, also referred to by locals as the “pregnant oyster”. (Read more)

04/2014 Topping out ceremony for Rumond Walther Haus
Following an architectural design competition with eight participants, a new nursing home in Ottensen is now under construction. The topping out ceremony was celebrated on 1 April. (Read more)

03/2014 New Website online
Following the creation of DFZ Architects GmbH in early 2013, with shareholders Peter Dinse, Johann Zurl, Nicolas Britsch and Stephen Kausch, our company has now taken on a new image, demonstrated on our recently launched new website.